Inferior / LifeLess Subway - Hank Hobson Inferior / LifeLess Subway
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Inferior / LifeLess Subway Hank Hobson
Hank Hobson
Inferior / LifeLess Subway
Dark Ambient, Ambient Dub, Dark Techno, Glitch
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Maxi single "Inferior / LifeLess Subway"

"I found myself inside a vast, silver funnel, as high as a cathedral nave. A cluster of colored pipes ran down the sloping walls and disappeared into rounded orifices. I turned round. The ventilation shafts were roaring, sucking in the poisonous gases from the planet’s atmosphere which had infiltrated when my capsule had landed inside the Station. Empty, resembling a burst cocoon, the cigar-shaped capsule stood upright, enfolded by a calyx mounted on a steel base. The outer casing, scorched during flight, had turned a dirty brown. I went down a small stairway. The metal floor below had been coated with a heavy-duty plastic. In places, the wheels of trolleys carrying rockets had worn through this plastic covering to expose the bare steel beneath. The throbbing of the ventilators ceased abruptly and there was total silence. I looked around me, a little uncertain, waiting for someone to appear; but there was no sign of life. Only a neon arrow glowed, pointing towards a moving walkway which was silently unreeling. I allowed myself to be carried forward."

LifeLess Subway

"A blizzard night at a distant railway station, the wind rips off the ads from the posts and whirls them on along the empty track, it is howling violently in the wirelines, throws itself against the naked trees and threatens to send the streetlamps directly into the open space. The lonely train is sighing tiredly with its springs - it won't have the rest it was longing for - a long way forth is stretching ahead - through the wind blasts and eternal loneliness..."
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Posted by Hank Hobson on 19 April 2013
Tags: noise, glitch, dark techno, ambient dub, drone ambient, dark ambient