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Medical Post (Single) [2012] Hank Hobson
Hank Hobson feat. MyOwnCreation
Medical Post (Single) [2012]
Ambient, Post-Rock, Experimental
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A tough hospital matress, a pillow which seems more of a corpse of a prehistoric animal, unsuccessful attempts to find a comfortable position in bed and fall asleep. On the bordeline between the sleep and non-sleep when your eyes are closed but the hearing is wonderfully acute you start to listen out for the particular hospital sounds: the tap leaking somewhere, the floor planks moaning about the grievances of the past, the shuffling steps of the patients - both present and those inhabiting the place long ago...And in the morning after the eternal-night torture will you be able to answer even the simplest questions otherwise than with an exhausted "I don't know"?
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Posted by Hank Hobson on 24 July 2012
Tags: post rock, experimental, ambient
Comments (2)
прекрасно я считаю! фразы из нашумевшей советской пленки с пособием для врачей задают хороший тон всему синглу
25 Jan 2013 06:12 pm
Спасибо, Вячик)))
20 Feb 2013 01:18 am